About Ryan's latest album, always a river:
Ryan Lee was stuck...disconnected, unfulfilled, lost. But an unexpected love showed up and quickly propelled him into an exciting new world full of bold adventure, creative rebirth and wideeyed optimism. During this time, Ryan found a new voice and a bright spark of creativity that led to the passionate, poetic songs on his latest album, always a river. This fresh collection of songs tells the story of a year in the life of singer/songwriter Ryan Lee; newly free, honest and alive. 


Two Thousand Seventeen finds Ryan enthusiastically engaged with several new adventures! His main focus is working as a Program Assistant with the MN MUSIC COALITION, a non-profit that is committed to connecting and supporting the fantastic independent artists of Minnesota.

Ryan is also busy with GIG 'n' GIVE, a house concert series with a focus on raising awareness and donations for various causes and charities around the Midwest. Ryan started these intimate performances as a way to remain fully engaged as a performer, while simultaneously using his talents to give back to his community.

Ryan is also having a blast with SONG by NOON, a songwriting series where he connects with a willing participant, and together they write a song, uploading it online, all in the matter of a few hours!

Ryan also works as an actor and singer, and can be seen on stage around the Twin Cities. And, of course, there is always a new song stirring in his heart and tickling those fingertips. Ryan will release several new singles, music videos and musical collaborations throughout the year.

Creative, versatile, charismatic and adventurous, Ryan Lee is a musical storyteller, a folky innovator, a guitar-wielding poet; the artistic offspring of Woody Guthrie, Tracy Chapman, Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens. He has traveled from Thailand to Honduras, from metro Minneapolis to off-the-grid Ojibwa, Wisconsin; writing, performing, teaching, creating and sharing his emotional, captivating songs of the sometimes challenging, frequently joyful, always engaging human experience. His is a friendly voice to take with you on your own life's path; invite Ryan to join you as your mentor, encourager, entertainer and friend; to weather life's ups and downs and to celebrate our undeniable, undefineable human connectedness, through song, story and artistic truth.

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