A couple of years ago, my husband and I attended a show in Minneapolis, and just happened to sit next to a woman who was carrying the funkiest, most interesting purse, made entirely out of pop can tabs and innertube rubber! Before the show started, I commented "what a cool bag" and she mentioned that she got it at an art center in a small Honduran village, where the local women actually make them by hand. My husband and I had recently returned from a project in Thailand, helping develop an art center for Thai children with disabilities, and were looking for our next international outreach situation. She then told us that this same artist who started the art center also runs a school called Escuela Magica (The Magic School), an alternative art school where the children can learn all sorts of artistic skills. The school is all volunteer based, and depending on what teachers are available, the classes can be focused on things like ceramics, drawing, music, dance...even chess! The three of us chatted more during intermission and after the show, we left the theater feeling excited and hopeful about our next adventure! Fast forward about a year, after several email exchanges with Regina Aguilar (the artist who runs the school) and a quick 3,000 mile travel day, and we were THERE!  

Our first visit was in Dec/Jan/Feb, 2013-2014. We spent 11 weeks in San Juancito, where we taught music to children, hiked the mountains, explored the LaTigra cloudforest, and fell in love with this beautiful village. The people are so friendly and grateful that we are there, and we bonded with so many beautiful, sweet children. We then returned this past October & November (2015) for 6 weeks, reconnecting and teaching. We plan to go back as often as possible. We kept a weekly BLOG on facebook the first trip, so go HERE if you'd like to read more about our adventure. Otherwise, just enjoy these incredible photos: