Guest Post from Bebe - PERFECT RIGHT HERE

I had a hunch that SONG by NOON would be fun for me, and I am so happy that it seems to be just as much fun for my collaborators. Below is a guest post from Bebe Keith, my latest ROCKSTAR SONGWRITER! Bebe is also an incredibly gifted artist in so many ways, and you should definitely check out her work HERE. I am honored and grateful that she took the time to write this. Enjoy! -RL

I had one of the best days last Saturday! I got to write a SONG by NOON with Ryan Lee. 

I had never done this before and had no idea how it worked. I suppose everyone does it differently, and of course writing a song by noon isn't the norm for most people, but I enjoyed every single inch of the process and I'm sure I could write a hit album now. Okay - kidding, but I love how our little song turned out!

When I showed up at 9:00am, the clock started ticking. First thing - record a video to post on Facebook. That puts the pressure on! Now we HAVE to write a song! Ryan handed me a notebook and we started talking. Big talk about relationships and life, feelings and moments. I scribbled notes as we talked and soon we found a great direction to focus on. 

I wanted to sing harmony, because I love singing harmony. So we started talking about how relationships can be in harmony. We talked about how music can parallel relationships and soon we had lines like "surrounded by a symphony", "breathe with me" and "we're the strongest melody". How those little everyday moments make you flush with love sometimes. Same way singing harmonies does!

Around 10:30, Ryan picked up the guitar and started playing. He's a genius. I don't get to claim too much credit in this department. He came up with some great melodies! We worked out some fun rhythm things together turning the order of the lines around and using a little syncopation. I brought a shaker instrument, too, so I joined in with harmonies and a beat.

By about 11:15 we had the song mostly figured out. The words were mostly in order, the tune mostly worked! We sang through it a couple times, then at 11:40 or so we recorded it! One take. With one take you get what you get, which is kind of like the whole idea of a Song by Noon. The pressure is off and you are free to play! You can do things without worrying about getting it perfect. I should do this more with my visual art. It's so freeing!

It took a while to upload, but we were done with our song by noon. I love our song! It's called "Perfect Right Here" and it seems like a precious little gem to me, even if it doesn't mean much to anyone else. Ryan is perfect right here, perfect right there, or, really, he's pretty darn perfect wherever he is. Thanks, Friend, for an amazing experience!