Let our energy introduce us before we even speak...

A few months ago, I blogged about the solidarity of being a singer/songwriter, and my plan to attack this head on, making sure I am engaged with people on a regular basis. For such a social bug like myself, I just can't spend my life in my little writing/recording/marketing/booking world, which is 95% staring at a computer screen. This has snuffed out my candle in the past & I am determined to not let that happen again. I need to interact, engage, laugh, connect with people. 

SONG by NOON was born out of this necessity & has really taken off this year! I am having a blast writing songs with some pretty incredible people & am so grateful that people are willing to open up & share their stories with me. I look forward to many more of these beautiful morning writing sessions! 

GIG'n'GIVE is also a HUGE part of my plan to stay social, connected & of service. I have one in the works for early this summer & trust that with Spring around the corner, I will be able to get some more house concerts on the calendar. 

I also recently picked up a serving job at a seafood place here in Minneapolis. The extra cash is great, but I also took the gig for the social element. Bouncing around a busy restaurant, being goofy with both servers & guests, it's always been a natural fit for me. Plus, this place has the best rooftop patio in town, so I will get plenty of Vitamin D all summer long!

Finally, our kind words, our service, even our silliness...others need these, even when we have no idea. The way we treat others, the choices we make to be kind, to be respectful, to be authentic. These matter. The other day, a mother & her 10 year old daughter sat in my section & had lunch. I asked about their big plans for the day, we joked, I teased the little girl about getting wild with her 3 lemonades & that I would need to call my manager to kick her out if I caught her jumping on the table...Typical server stuff. I had no idea what they were going through until I found this note after they had left:   


-Ryan Lee