Bowling, Horses & Cupcakes...Oh MY!

This morning I got to do the coolest thing. My super cool, talented friend, Eriq, hosts a live tv show called Kids Clubhouse, from the Star Studio, the in-house tv network at Children's Hospital. He hosts the show as the Dude & I got to hang out with him for the entire hour! We showed some pictures from my time teaching in Honduras, I played a few songs, we played a super fun game & even got to write a song together, using suggestions from kids in the hospital. My favorite part was when the kids would call in from their rooms, & one of them even asked if I could come to her room after the show & play a song. I was all for it, but it just wasn't possible. Anyway, it was a BLAST! What a cool thing for these kids, who are unfortunately stuck in the hospital, some for a short time, some for a long have a fun, interactive tv show that they can be a part of & enjoy every day. Thanks again, Dude, I hope I can return to Kids Clubhouse again very soon!